Tricia Penrose took part in the 2007 series of Comic Relief Does Fame Academy, the ultimate celebrity singing contest. It was presented by Patrick Keilty and Claudia Winkleman and each night they guided the celebrities through the live performances as they sang their hearts out to win the public votes and remain in the competition.


Already a strong vocalist when she entered the academy the question was could she show enough improvement to impress the judges and voters every night? She quickly answered that question, working intensively with vocal coach Carrie Grant to boost her confidence and with Fitness Coach Kevin Adams on her stage presence.


Tricia had previously made some attempts to break in to the music industry, having released two singles “Where Did Our Love Go” in 1996 and “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” in 2000.


On the final night, stepping out onto the Comic relief stage first was Tricia. Choosing one of her favourites from the week she soared through “If I Ain’t Got You”. “After a competent start it turned classy” said Richard Park, leading the judge’s approval. “You’ve saved the best ‘til last”. “It’s just thrilling, you gave us such variety” agreed Lesley Garrett. And Craig Revel Horwood through the same, “I think you are absolutely fantastic. You have a magnificent voice”. The judges told Tricia and Tara that they were both winners already, no matter what the final outcome was.


Tricia’s hard work paid off as she was voted to stay for the final sing off with Tara Palmer- Tompkinson and came a close second. They raised the roof in the studio and raised a whopping £780,000 for Comic Relief. Pictures of Tricia and Tara showed that they had developed a friendship throughout the competition and Tricia felt that they were both winners as she pointed out as they lined up to hear the results, “We won the competition last night, me and Tara”.